How Manage Your Blood Sugar Levels

The number one priority of every diabetic person is to maintain the right sugar levels. There are many ways through which this can be done. Failure to do this might lead to serious medical complications that might even cause death.

Every time a person eats, there is sugar, in the form of glucose, which is released into your blood. The pancreas, in turn, releases insulin that is responsible for regulating the amount of sugar found in the blood. For type 1 diabetic people, the pancreas fails to produce insulin, thus making the blood sugar to be high. On the other hand, the cells in the body of type 2 patients are resistant to insulin.

How to measure blood sugar level

Regular testing of blood sugar level is a daily routine for any person with diabetes. Every diabetic person has a blood sugar level target, which depends on the type and stage of the disease. For type 1 and type 2 patients, there are two ways of taking this measurement


  • A1C test– this is a blood test carried out in the lab that provides information about the averages levels of blood sugar in three months.  Doctors use this test to get information on the type and amount of medication a patient will need


  • Blood sugar Checks– these checks are done by the patients themselves when checking whether they have reached their targets. It can be done before or after a meal to know the type of diet to take or avoid. Some of the goals recommended are 80-130mg/dl before taking a meal and less than 180mg/dl two hours after starting the meal.

While testing your sugar levels, one can use a blood glucose meter. There are different parts that where one can take these measurements from. The most common place is the fingertip. One pricks their fingertip with a lancet and put the blood drop on the test strip. The digital display will then show you your blood sugar levels after around 15 seconds. One can also do the test on the forearm, the base of the thumb, upper arm, or even the thigh. These other parts, however, use different meters.

When to do the test

You can check your blood sugar several times a day. For instance

  • Before a meal
  • Two hours after a meal
  • At bedtime
  • When one wakes up
  • After exercising
  • When you feel the levels are high


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