Foods Every Diabetic Person Should Avoid

Diabetes is an autoimmune disease. This means that it is caused by changes in the immune system of a human body. There is no specific causing agent for this condition. However, there are some predisposing factors that either creates an environment for the condition to manifest that make the situation worse.

Among the predisposing factors is a wrong diet. There are some foods that a diabetic person should not have because they will make the condition worse. On the other hand, other foods can help control the condition.

The following are foods that should be refrained from by diabetic people and the reasons why:

1.Trans fats

Trans fats are unsaturated fatty acids commonly found in manufactured oils and margarine. They are produced by making normal fats and oils go through the hydrogenation process. The resultant fats contain more carbon atoms in their structures compared to normal fats and oils.

Trans fats are found in foodstuff like spread creams, frozen pizzas, crackers, cookies, coffee creamer and refrigerated dough products.

These fats are known to cause insulin resistance, which is a characteristic of type 2 diabetes. They also lower the amount of necessary HDL cholesterol, which helps in preventing heart diseases: a condition that diabetic people are at risk of getting.

  1. Sugary beverages

These drinks tend to increase the amount of sugar levels for a diabetic person. Any diabetic person should NOT drink such especially a type 2 patient. Also, they are extremely high on Carbs which come from the sugar.  These carbs are converted into glucose after metabolism. This is catastrophic for both type 1 and type 2 patients.

  1. Honey, Maple Syrup and brown sugar

These forms of sugar can make a diabetic person have spiked sugar levels as much as they are considered safer than white sugar. They also contain a lot of carbs as much as white sugar.

  1. Dried fruits

As much as fruits are considered to be nutritious, dried fruits are not. All the vitamins and other nutrients become more concentrated on drying and so does the sugar content. For instance, a cup of raisins has more than 100 grams of carbs.


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