5 Foods Diabetics Need To Add To Their Healthy Diet Regime

When people learn they have type 1 or type 2 diabetes are told about all the foods they canít consume anymore. While this is understandable, it can be frustrating as it seems like you canít eat anything that tastes good any longer. However, instead of focusing on the fact of what you canít eat, itís important to consider what you can eat that could even cure you of at least type 2 diabetes.

Currently, there is no way to cure type 1 diabetes, but that doesnít mean you canít see the benefits of these recommended ìcan cure diabetesî foods. After all, they can stave off the complications that exist with type 1 diabetes.

Which foods should you be adding to your diet?


Fiber is a very important part of your diet, and it can cure type 2 diabetes as well. For people with type 1 diabetes, it can alleviate the symptoms and complications that are linked to the disease. Beans have a lot of fiber ñ like soluble fiber ñ that creates a gel in the stomach when it mixes with water that helps in reducing the digestion process speed. This slow down means blood sugar levels wonít spike after eating or drinking.


Cinnamonís effects are so remarkable, which is why many doctors suggest diabetics add the spice to their diet. It works to not only reduce blood sugar levels but also helps cells to absorb glucose the body uses for energy. Cinnamon contains the mineral manganese, which allows the body to use blood sugar much more effectively.


Diabetics need to be a slightly more careful about how much coffee they drink; some studies indicate that healthy individuals have a 22 percent reduced chance of developing type 2 diabetes; 33 percent if they drink decaffeinated coffee.

Olive Oil

This type of oil has been known to cure diabetes and provide an array of health benefits. Why is it? Olive oil has monounsaturated fats (or healthy fatty acids) the body must have. This can help reduce your blood sugar levels and chances for heart disease ñ something that many diabetes may also suffer with.

Peanut Butter (Other Nuts Too)

According to various studies, diabetics who consume peanut butter and other kinds of nuts can significantly lower their chances of type 2 diabetes. Researchers are still stumped as to why nuts can be so helpful in reducing the risk for type 2 diabetes, but itís believed itís the healing properties of fiber, protein, magnesium, monounsaturated fats and more that help with this.

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